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The 20 GA Shotgun is a very capable gun, not only for hunting, but also for home and self-defense. However, the buckshot and slug ammunition that is commercially loaded for the 20 GA is very limited in what can be loaded by a machine.

It’s done by hand at NML, one pellet at a time and the results are awesome. Our buckshot and the slug hit very hard, penetrate very deep, group well and have very reasonable recoil.

Recoil can make or break new shooters. If new shooters are hurt, they will not be back. Women, younger shooters and those who just cannot stand recoil from a 12 GA shotgun will enjoy shooting our loads.

Our #1 Buck, 10 Pellets load can maintain about 85% of the down range hitting power of the 12 GA, 00-Buck, 9 Pellets, but with about 30% less recoil. That means more control over the gun, faster second and third shots and, happier shooters.

We provide a wide variety of buckshot for many different applications. Another of our loads, the #1 Buckshot, 8 Pellets, has 50% less recoil than the 12 GA, 00 Buckshot and still penetrates an average of 15.8 inches in 10% Ballistic Gelatin (see ballistic gelatin test results for NML 20 GA at www.brassfetcher.com ).

We have only one slug. It’s big, medium fast, accurate and delivers high energy.